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The CNC Has Arrived

More decoration, engraved lettering, and stylish new designs.

Another huge asset to the company has just been installed. Today we have been running tests to make sure everything is working OK.

The CNC Machine allows us to reach that level of precision and quality only achievable by machine. It also allows us to make your new units quicker, and with less waste.

Our new machine will allow us to create more unique, personalised units. More decoration, engraved lettering, and stylish new designs.

So if you have a job where you’d like only the best quality, or perhaps something more personal, then get in touch and arrange a site visit to see how AG Carpentry can help.


Newly Added Images

Our galleries see more newly added images as we continue to populate the website. The first of many updates to our gallery is seen today as we add a huge chunk of new images. Our galleries are easily accessible across the majority of devices, taking advantage of the “swipe” feature on touch screens. Future updates…


New Website Launch

Once again, here at AG Carpentry, we have decided to re-haul the website. The last site was great, but lacked mobile support, as well as room to expand. It was important for us to keep similar colours, and layout, for the sake of being familiar to previous customers – so we hope we’ve added all…